Bloxorz Unblocked

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bloxorzBloxorz is in fact one of the most popular puzzle games today with a lot of interesting levels and really good graphics. This is the game where you have to use all your skills to succeed. Bloxorz is not just a game for fun, it requires logical thinking skills to achieve goals and complete the levels. If you are searching for the unblocked version of Bloxorz, which you can play from school or from work, you came to the right website, because our website just can’t be blocked.




How To Play Bloxorz ?
The main mission of the player in Bloxorz is to move the giant rectangular cube on the board towars the square hole in the center of it. Sounds easy right ?  Don't forget that the whole board is situated high in the sky, and every wrong move will will cause losing level and starting from the beginning. All actions are made using arrow buttons on your keyboard.

What Are Level Codes In Bloxorz ?
I will explain you in a few words. For example you are playing game for a long time, you passed several levels and now have to go. You can save the level code for this level and continue playing starting from the following level. You can also use the level code of the next level, if you are having difficulties with passing the previous one.

Is this version of bloxorz Unblocked?
Yes, it is. Our version of the game is not blocked by any of systems in school or some other place. You can enjoy the unblocked version of bloxorz anytime you want. We wish you good luck.